Royal Flush by Lynda La Plante book cover

‘This book had me on edge throughout’

Royal Flush (2003)

‘The Colonel’ was rumoured to have masterminded the most successful robberies of the past decade. Now he’s back playing his old game.

The immensely wealthy owner of a successful racing yard, Edward de Jersey, has set high hopes on a Derby win from his magnificent colt, Royal Flush. But de Jersey’s luck runs out when his adviser invests his fortune in a fledgling Internet company that crashes, leaving him with mounting debts.

Afraid he will loose everything, de Jersey resurrects his criminal past and attempts to pull off the most audacious heist in history – the target, the Koh-i-noor diamond, Mountain of Light. Weighing over a hundred carats, the jewel has an estimated value of more than a billion pounds…

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Simon & Schuster UK | 544 pages | ISBN-9781471130915 | May 2014

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Simon & Schuster UK | 544 pages | ISBN-9781471130922 | May 2014

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