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Tennison Character Backgrounds – Day 1

A taste of what is to come in 'Tennison', my new book (published on 24th September 2015)...
Over the next few weeks I will be posting some background on the key characters, starting today with the young Jane Tennison. read more

Only a month until ‘Tennison’ is published!

I can’t believe it is only a month today until ‘Tennison’ is published! I am so looking forward to sharing Jane’s early life with you, and over the next four weeks I’ll be posting details about the key characters in the book... read more

Tennison – exclusive video interview

I'm often asked why I decided to revisit Jane Tennison and write about her early career as a probationary officer in the Met. In this exclusive video I reveal all...

read more

Will I be writing more Anna Travis?

As many of you know, my next book will be coming out on 24th September 2015. ‘Tennison’ is the prequel to Prime Suspect. But I have had a huge number of questions about Anna Travis, asking when I will be writing my next book about her. read more

TENNISON – First look at the jacket!

I had never thought about focusing on Jane’s early life and career. When we first meet her in Prime Suspect, Jane (played by Helen Mirren) is 45 years old and already a DCI. The idea for TENNISON came about when I was asked by a reader at an event in Sheffield in 2013 “Where did Jane Tennison come from?”. The question stayed with me and I slowly began to create her past. read more

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