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I was recently notified by email that there will not be a further ITV UK television series based on the young Jane Tennison. I was incredibly sad to have had to walk away from the series, Prime Suspect 1973, which was broadcast earlier this year. During the production it became apparent to me that ITV’s vision for the series would not be an accurate adaptation of my novel TENNISON, and the characters that had been cast were far from how I had written them in the book. My decision to leave the production was one of the most difficult and painful experiences in all my years of writing for television.

However, in this short life we must move on… The good news is that Jane’s story will continue in the TENNISON books. Jane Tennison is a character I created and absolutely love writing about. This week HIDDEN KILLERS, the second in the TENNISON series, has reached No 2 in the Sunday Times paperback bestsellers list. I cannot tell you how much joy this brings me. My readers are a huge part of my life, and I am immensely grateful for the feedback and encouragement I receive at book signings, on social media and via my website. You are the reason I keep writing, so thank you!

I’ve just finished writing the acknowledgments for the third book in the series, GOOD FRIDAY, which will be published on the 24th of August 2017. The outline for the fourth book is also complete, along with a title which I will share with you soon. It is such an exciting time for me and this summer I am going to be very busy – and very hot!

I will be touring the UK and Ireland in Sept/Oct 2017, so please do come and say hello! Thank you again for all your tweets, posts and emails – they really mean a great deal to me.

Widows by lynda La Plante. Out now.

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