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Tennison – Character Profiles

Below are profiles of the main characters in Tennison. Originally published here on the site on a daily basis leading up to publication, I’ve collected them here for easy reference.



Aged 22, and straight out of the police training academy.

Jane is, athletic, blonde and attractive, but is unaware of her own good looks. She is very naive and not at all street wise. She is strong minded and intelligent, and has been brought up in a very secure, happy, family atmosphere. However, nothing could have prepared her parents for the moment when Jane announced that she had applied to join the Metropolitan Police and had been accepted.

Jane has always shown signs of being extremely independent, but she will be both physically and mentally tested to the limit during her first probationary posting in one of London’s toughest areas.


Four years younger than her sister Jane, 18 year old Pam only ever wanted to be a hairdresser, get married and start a family. Pam is as determined and as strong minded as her sister, but is also very opinionated and cannot understand why Jane would even contemplate joining the police force. As both girls still live at home with their parents we have the opportunity to see how different the sisters are from each other. Pam succeeds in getting exactly what she has always wanted, by getting engaged and having her fairy tale white wedding.


Aged 27, Kath is already a tough and experienced police woman. She knows the ropes and advises and helps Jane through her probationary period at Hackney.

Kath is adept at handling the rife sexual discrimination at the Station, and gives as good as she gets.

She is curvaceous and attractive, loud and often very crude, but everyone loves Kath. Without her constant support Jane would find it very difficult to adjust to working in such a tough environment.

Kath is determined to make it into the CID and become one of the first female detectives.


Spencer is a real character, and on his nights off he is the lead singer in a rock group. He is tall, skinny and a snazzy dresser with a turbo energy level that can get him into trouble. He has a short fuse and a violent streak that sometimes spirals out of control, ending up in fist fights and head butts. But beneath this incredible energy Spencer is an honest officer who has a warm and caring heart. He displays great loyalty and, if reigned in, he could become a high ranking Detective.


Len has red curly hair with handsome looks and chilling blue eyes. He is over six feet tall with an athletic build. Like Spencer, Len is also known for his short temper and impatient manner, but despite this he is on track to make the senior ranks in the CID. His drive and canny intuition earns him the respect of his team, and in many ways he is admired by his colleagues. He is also incredibly caring and understanding towards his victim’s families. Len Bradfield is a man you want to have on your side and never want to cross.


Aged 36, John is a nasty, brutish, man who has already spent many years in prison for GBH. You would not want to cross him as he has no qualms about using his fists. John has witnessed his mother being beaten by his father since he was a small boy, yet he still puts his father on a pedestal.

The only compassion he feels is towards his younger brother, due to the fact that he was crippled after a fall whilst they were stealing lead from a church roof.

He carries a lot of guilt, but his brutish personality makes him desperate to obtain wealth at any cost.


Aged 30, David is actually afraid of his father and brother. He has handsome looks and is adored by his mother. But this means little to a young man who is unable to walk properly and has been made impotent as a result of his fall from the Church roof.

David is intelligent and could have made his own way in life, but as a member of the Bentley family he has been drawn into criminality. He is in constant pain and is a pawn used by both his father and brother in their criminal activities.


An ‘old school’ uniform Copper who is very mean to the young recruits, especially the females. Harris is fit and strong, and he runs the day to day Station activities and uniform officers like clockwork. Gradually, beneath his hard exterior, we get to see a quiet strength that, in the face of tragedy, reveals an exceptional man.

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