TENNISON – First look at the jacket!

Tennison Book cover preview

I had never thought about focusing on Jane’s early life and career. When we first meet her in Prime Suspect, Jane (played by Helen Mirren) is 45 years old and already a DCI.

The idea for TENNISON came about when I was asked by a reader at an event in Sheffield in 2013 “Where did Jane Tennison come from?”.  The question stayed with me and I slowly began to create her past.

TENNISON is a big book, with two major crimes and a huge cast of characters. It is set in 1973 when there were no mobile phones, no DNA and only very basic forensic science. I have really had to put aside what I had already learnt about police procedure and forensics.

It has been a fascinating experience to write the first book and I hope you will enjoy meeting the 22 year old Jane in September.

I will be posting further details here over the next few months.

– Lynda x

Murder Mile by lynda La Plante. Out in Hardback on 23rd August.

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