Trial and Retribution: Second Collection Box Cover

‘Surely one of the best British police dramas in recent years’

Trial & Retribution: The Second Collection (2001-2004)

Featuring instalments 5-8

Trial & Retribution V (2001)

After the remains of a young girl are discovered during the demolition of a derelict house, Walker begins the difficult task of investigating a seventeen year-old murder case.

Trial & Retribution VI (2002)

Young daughter and friend, North takes charge of the investigation and is amazed when a hulking, swarthy man, Bob Brickman immediately confesses to abduction, rape and murder.

Trial & Retribution VII: Suspicion (2003)

The discovery of a severed female hand found floating in the Thames is the beginning of a murder enquiry. DCI Roisin Connor is called in to investigate, which brings her into direct contact with Chief Superintendent Mike Walker, now back in uniform.

Trial & Retribution VIII: Blue Eiderdown (2004)

Angela Dutton, a beautiful young prostitute, plunges to her death from an eleventh floor balcony of a luxurious block of flats.  When blood is discovered inside the bodice of her blue chiffon dress, the police begin a murder enquiry.


2 x 120min | Director: Aisling Walsh | Starring: David Hayman, Kate Buffery, Liz Smith, Maggie McCarthy & Simon Callow

2 x 120min Director: Ferdinand Fairfax Starring: David Hayman, Kate Buffery, Corin Redgrave, James Fox & Tim McInnerny

2 x 120min | Director: Charles Beeson | Starring: David Hayman, Victoria Smurfit & Charles Dance

2 x 90min | Director: Paul Unwin | Starring: David Hayman, Victoria Smurfit, Frances Barber & Colin Salmon

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