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Tennison – why?

Lynda explains why she decided to revisit the character and write about her early career.

Writing Tennison

A little bit of background information about the writing process and what you can expect in Tennison.

 Tennison – The new (young!) characters

I’ve had to create an awful lot of new officers that we’ve never seen in any Prime Suspect before… One of the biggest features of the book and of the story is how young they are.

Tennison – The Tennison Family

Lynda gives us an insight into the relationships within the Tennison Family.

Tennison – DCI Len Bradfield Profile

Known for his short temper and impatient manner, DCI Len Bradfield’s drive and canny intuition earns him the respect of his team, and in many ways he is admired by his colleagues.

Tennison – WPC Kath Morgan Profile

Background information about Kath Morgan, one of the characters in the Tennison novel.

Tennison – DS Spencer Gibbs Profile

Spencer is a real character, and on his nights off he is the lead singer in a rock group. But beneath this incredible energy Spencer is an honest officer who has a warm and caring heart.

Tennison – The Station

Hackney, when Jane Tennison went there, was one of the worst, most run-down stations in London. It was also very dangerous…

Blood Line

Lynda La Plante discusses Blood Line, the 7th Anna Travis novel.

Above Suspicion

Lynda La Plante discusses Above Suspicion and the Anna Travis series.

Cold Heart

Lynda La Plante shares the truth behind Cold Heart, the third in her Lorraine Page series.

Wrongful Death

‘Unearthing the truth can have deadly consequences’  brief promotional video for the 9th Anna Travis novel.

Backlash: The Trailer

Short promotional video for Backlash, the 8th Anna Traivs novel.

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