Official Widows Movie Trailer

A new film based on my book, Widows, is released in autumn this year. Directed by Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave), it features a star-studded cast including Elizabeth Debicki, Jon Bernthal, Liam Neeson and Colin Farrell.

Video  TV Series

Over the years I have written many screenplays and several of my novels have been adapted for TV.

The process is fascinating – here are a few interviews in which I discuss the programmes themselves, along with clips featuring interviews with cast members and the production team.

 Silent Scream

Kelly & Ciaràn  Silent Scream

On the set of Silent Scream with actors Kelly Reilly and Ciaràn Hinds.


Lynda Talks About Silent Scream

‘Everything that’s on the surface that you think is normal is not normal. And in Silent Scream it goes deeper and deeper and deeper until the conclusion is… certain.’

Silent Scream Main Cast Interviews

The cast of Silent Scream provide insights into their characters and working on set.

Deadly Intent


Deadly Intent – Main Cast

Interviews with the main cast of Deadly Intent.

Deadly Intent – Director Gillies Mackinnon

The producer and cast of Deadly Intent talk about working with Gillies Mackinnon.

Lynda Talks About Deadly Intent

Lynda reveals some of the inspiration behind the 4th novel in her Travis series.

The Red Dahlia


Lynda La Plante  The Red Dahlia

Lynda talks about the inspiration for The Red Dahlia and discusses the plight of the victim.

The Red Dahlia  Director Gillies Mackinnon

Gillies Mackinnon talks about working on The Red Dahlia with Lynda La Plante.

The Red Dahlia  Meet The Producer

Chris Clough talks about working on The Red Dahlia.

The Red Dahlia  How The Dummy Was Made

Louise Pennel reveals how the incredibly convincing ‘body’ was made for The Red Dahlia.

The Commander

The Commander: Abduction  Behind The Scenes

Interviews with Lynda, the cast and the producer of The Commander: Abduction.

Trial and Retribution

Vicky & David on GMTV

Vicky Smurfitt (DCI Roisin Connor) and David Hayman (Det. Supt. Michael Walker) talk about Trial and Retribution on GMTV.

Trial and Retribution  Ghost Train

Interviews and behind the scenes of episode 21, Ghost Train.

Trial and Retribution  Shooter

Behind the scenes of episode 23, The Shooter.

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