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Lynda La Plante - Award-Winning Author, Screenwriter & Producer - Lynda La Plante CBE

Hi, Everyone,

I’m excited to let you know that Blunt Force, the 6th Tennison novel, is out now. You can read more about it here and if you sign up to my Readers’ Club you can also get a free, exclusive extract.

You can also see a recording of the a Facebook Live video where I chat about the new book and provide a bit of background about the plot and characters. You can see the video here.


Blunt Force by Lynda La PLante

Another exciting piece of news – I’ve been working with CSI Cass Sutherland on Listening to the Dead, a riveting 7-part podcast in which we’ll investigate branches of forensics: discussing our own experiences, talking with experts, hearing how real-life crime scenes are worked, exploring the latest innovations and demonstrating how CSI fact is even more thrilling than CSI fiction.
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Listening to the Dead
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The Acclaimed Jane Tennison Series

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The Jane Tennison series has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to explore Jane’s early years: the complexity of her chartacter, challenges she faced, her achievements – all the things that made her the person we came to know in Prime Suspect. There are four novels in the series so far with a fifth coming in August. I’ve been delighted by the positive reception of the books – a big “thank you” goes out to all my readers who make this worthwhile!


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Over 30 of my books are currently in print. Read all about the novels and series in the main books section.

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There have been several award-winning adaptations of my books for television and major, specially commissioned series. Read more in the TV & DVD section.

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“Don’t believe it can’t happen to you.”

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