Anna Travis Book 8

Backlash cover

When a new lead in a cold case comes to light, Detective Anna Travis faces the biggest challenge of her career. Five years ago, a teenage girl disappeared in broad daylight on a busy street and the mystery has haunted Anna’s boss Langton, who led the original investigation, for years.

With a confession to this murder and one more besides, Langton believes he finally has his man – but Anna isn’t so sure. With a lack of evidence, the confession is critical to the arrest.

And when the suspect changes his story, it looks like the case could fall apart.

Can Anna and Langton find the evidence they need before the trail once again goes cold?

  • Hardback ISBN 978-0857201836
  • Paperback ISBN 978-1849833363
  • eBook ASIN B007IKZMGW
  • Audiobook ASIN B008VU6QFO

The Anna Travis Series

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