Blind Fury

Anna Travis Book 6

Blind Fury cover

To stop one killer,
they will have to trust another

Detective Anna Travis is called out to a motorway service station on the M1 where the body of a young girl has been found in a nearby ditch. 

With no apparent family, friends or connections, this victim is the latest in a string of women who have gone missing in the vicinity, with no one stepping forward to claim them.

As the investigation appears to stall, Anna receives an unexpected letter from a man she helped put away. He asks her to visit him in prison immediately, claiming to know who the killer is.

With no other leads, Anna has no choice but to confront her past. But could this new line of enquiry leave her with more questions than answers?

  • Hardback ISBN 978-1847375476
  • Paperback ISBN 978-1847396471
  • eBook ASIN B003M69XGQ
  • Audiobook ASIN B004MAZDDI

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