Taste of Blood

The 9th book in the Tennison series

Taste of Blood by Lynda La Plante book

Your neighbour is a killer. But which one?

Detective Inspector Jane Tennison was beginning to feel she’d made a big mistake.

Having requested a transfer to a station nearer her home, she’s now wondering if any serious crimes are ever committed in Bromley. Especially since the first case she’s assigned to involves nothing more dramatic than an altercation between neighbours over a disputed property boundary.

Jane’s new boss wants her to wrap up the enquiry as quickly as possible, but something in the apparently trivial case doesn’t add up.

Against her boss’s orders, Jane decides to dig deeper, and soon uncovers a trove of dark secrets in sleepy Clarendon Court involving a tragic death and a forbidden love affair. As Tennison hunts for the missing piece of evidence that will identify a vicious killer, she knows that this case will either make her career – or break it.

  • Paperback ISBN 978-1804181539
  • Hardback ISBN 978-1804181492​
  • eBook ISBN 978-1804181515
  • Audiobook ISBN 978-1804181522

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