Wrongful Death

Anna Travis Book 9

Wrongful Death cover

Detective Anna Travis is tasked with reviewing an open-and-shut case when a young man, awaiting trial for robbery, casts doubt on the ruling.

A nightclub owner was found dead from a single bullet wound to the head, with the gun held in his hand. It was determined to be suicide, but the young man claims it was murder.

Once she wraps up the investigation, Anna’s boss promises her a place at the FBI Academy, but the arrival of a senior agent soon ruffles feathers in the team.

What should have been a simple case of tying up loose ends becomes a political nightmare and Anna is forced to decide where her loyalties lie.

  • Hardback ISBN 978-1471125829
  • Paperback ISBN 978-1471125843
  • eBook ASIN B009R6GENK
  • Audiobook ASIN B00GRLTVC4

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