Christmas Gifting Made Easy

Lynda La Plante Book Covers

Find the perfect present for the thrill-seekers in your life!

Lynda HQ have put together this handy gift guide so you can pick the perfect present for the thrill-seekers in your life . . .

From bank heists to courtrooms, there’s a Lynda La Plante novel for everyone. Curious detectives, devious criminals and some characters who blur the line between them . . .

Which one will you be wrapping up for your nearest and dearest this gifting season?

For the mum who wants
to get back into reading

Cover of Buried by Lynda La Plante

Introduce her to Detective Jack Warr, he’s smart, savvy, more than a little bit sexy and has a flexible approach to the rules. BURIED is a gripping page-turner that’s perfect for anyone trying to get out a reading slump.

For the restless friend
who needs a new hobby

Taste of Blood cover

When lead character Jane Tennison (who grows up to be portrayed by Helen Mirren in the Prime Suspect TV series) escapes to a new police department in the sleepy suburb of Bromley, she can’t wait for her life to calm down a bit. But the peace and quiet doesn’t last for long . . .

For the dad who always thinks
he knows ‘who done it’

Pure Evil book cover

Covered up? Framed? Guilty? PURE EVIL sees trusted mentor DCI Ridley suspended for a crime he says he didn’t commit. In the throes of a pulse-racing serial killer case, can the team crack the clues to save London and Ridley before it’s too late? The ideal gift for anyone who knows their OCG from their AC12…

For the brother who probably wanted
a new PlayStation game instead

Unholy Murder cover

This book is so immersive that the scenes practically leap off the page, no VR headset needed! Vivid descriptions, thrilling chases and a graveyard location that will send shivers up your spine, UNHOLY MURDER is the cinematic epic novel for the video game lover in your life.

For the student reading
Law at university

Trial & Retribution Cover

Studying is hard and textbooks aren’t known for being page-turners. But TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION offers the best of both worlds. Written with a forensic eye on the details of a court cases, Lynda’s courtroom thrillers make the perfect gift for anyone interested in the procedural dance between law and order.

For the grandma who likes to remind you
of how cool she was when she was your age

Widows cover

There is simply no denying that Dolly Rawlins, the queen of her husband’s criminal kingdom, is an icon at any age. WIDOWS is a sensational, rip-roaring heist tale that sees Dolly and her all-female gang take the power they’ve been on the fringes of their whole lives.

For the coworker you drew
in the Secret Santa

Prime Suspect cover

Most likely Lynda’s most famous work is her Prime Suspect series. The foundation for the TV series of the same name featuring Helen Mirren as main character Jane Tennison, you can’t go wrong with this first book in the trilogy.

For the relative whose eyes aren’t quite what they were: an audiobook subscription!

Audible Logo

The digital day and age has made reading more accessible than ever and an audiobook subscription is a great solution if you know someone who struggles to read physical books. Let Jack Warr come to life in your kitchen and invite Jane Tennison on holiday with you. Just press play and let the story come to you!