My unexpected life on page, stage and screen

Getting Away with Murder temporary cover

Available from 12th September 2024

Despite having written, produced, directed and imagined so many stories for you all, the one I have never really told is my own.

I have lived a very long and productive life, and it was only in writing my memoir I saw what I have achieved. It has been an enjoyable and thought-provoking process and I cannot wait to bring it into being this autumn.

When I sat down to write, I realised that this isn’t just one single story… it’s thousands. Thousands of moments of stories. And they aren’t just mine either. I have been so fortunate to work with some extraordinary people: Helen Mirren and Anthony Hopkins are just two you might be interested to hear about.

I have far too much to say to fit in one book and I have done my best to give you only the juiciest bits, though I’m sure there are many more juicy bits to come.

So, without further ado, here’s to my memoir: Getting Away With Murder. Available to pre-order now in hardback, ebook and audiobook (narrated by yours truly).