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Real crimes. Real forensics. Real inside access.

The first episode of the fourth series of the popular Listening to the Dead podcast is now available on all major streaming platforms. In this new episode Cass Sutherland and I discuss the murky criminal underworld with renowned former fraudster Tony Sales. This is a special, complete edition in anticipation of the full series which will follow later this spring.

For twenty years, Tony Sales was Britain’s biggest fraudster. From cloning credit cards and identities to emptying cash machines and being a confidence trickster, Tony knew how to make money. In this first episode of the new series of Listening to the Dead, Cass and I are joined by Tony and his colleague, former Head of the Fraud Squad Andy McDonald to discuss fraud: how investigating it has evolved, the current threats, the impact on victims and the devastating iSpoof case of 2023.

As a fraudster, Sales could make people believe whatever he wanted them to. As analogue crime turned digital, Sales adapted his skills and became a prolific online fraudster, quickly identifying and exploiting loopholes and weaknesses in the system. And so he continued until one day a mistake on a job in Sheffield saw him arrested. While serving time, Sales decided to turn his life around. As Frank Abagnale Jr. had done in the US, Sales went from poacher to game-keeper and set up We Fight Fraud, a company dedicated to helping governments and financial institutions to prevent fraud.

How do we stop fraudsters? What investigative and forensic tools do the police have? Join us as we explore the most prolific crime in the world.

We launched the Listening to the Dead podcast back in 2020 and it became an instant Apple bestseller. The demand has been so great (thank you!) that it’s enabled us to do more and we’re now finishing work on the fourth season.