Hugo reading vanished

Possible new star of my Facebook Live…

My dear Borzoi, Hugo, has been keeping me greatly entertained as we count down to Vanished publishing. He certainly seems keen to read it himself!

I’ve recently been watching The Gilded Age, which is a new drama on TV that I’m finding very interesting. Hugo has the funniest reaction to the theme credits – I think he might be trying to sing along! There’s a video below because it was just too funny not to share – I hope it gives you all a laugh.

I think Hugo may make a guest appearance on my next few Facebook Lives as we count down to publication of Vanished. I’ll be online on the 24th and 31stMarch to tell you all about the new Jack Warr, answer your questions and raise a G&T. I hope to see you all then (as does Hugo).


Hugo Reading
Hugo lying