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Tennison (2016)

East London, 1973

Murder. Discrimination. A city fuelled by crime and corruption…

While the notorious Kray twins are seeing out their 30-year prison sentence, a terrifying undercurrent of violent crime lies in their wake.

Fresh out of training, 22-year-old WPC Jane Tennison is thrown in at the deep end of a male-dominated, chauvinistic world. It’s a rough and tough environment. And that’s just at the station.

Jane is drawn into the dark world of murder and the devastating effects that violent crime has on a victim’s family. Investigating the tragic killing of a young woman, her emotions and commitment will be tested to the core.

In Tennison, Lynda La Plante, award-winning author and creator of the iconic television series Prime Suspect, delivers the novel that her legions of fans have been waiting for. To fully understand the iconic character Jane Tennison became, the reader must go right back to the beginning of her story.

Free sample chapter

For a limited time I’m making the first chapter of Tennison available to download free – just click the link below!

Tennison Chapter 1 (PDF)



Prime Suspect 1973‘ is the TV tie-in edition of  this edition of ‘Tennison‘. The network chose to rename the TV series (loosely adapted from my original book), but just to clarify that the book version of ‘Prime Suspect 1973‘ is identical to the book version of ‘Tennison‘ – so if you have already read ‘Tennison‘ you don’t need to read ‘Prime Suspect 1973‘ as it is the same book, with a different cover! The second book in the ‘Tennison‘ series, ‘Hidden Killers‘, is also available on Amazon, and the third book is currently being edited! I am so sorry for any confusion.

Available formats – UK

Simon & Schuster UK | 624 pages | ISBN-9781471140525 | June 2016

Simon & Schuster UK | 400 pages | ISBN-9781471140501 | Sept 2015

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Simon & Schuster UK | 400 pages | ISBN 9781471140532 | Sept 2015

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Available formats – Australia & New Zealand

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