Prime Suspect

Prime Suspect 1

The debut of the iconic Jane Tennison played by Helen Mirren

Introducing Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison, the only female DCI on an old boy’s club London homicide squad, who becomes the squad’s first woman to head a murder investigation.

Scrutinised at every moment by her superior officers, Tennison is faced with a case that spirals out from a single murder to a serial spree, a second-in-command who undermines her authority and her investigation at every turn, a team resistant to taking orders from a woman, and a private life unravelling due to her professional diligence.

Episode 1

Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison investigates the murder of a young girl found dead in a seedy bedsit with bruises all over her body.

Episode 2

When another body is discovered on a golf course with exactly the same markings as Karen Howard, Tennison takes part in a TV reconstruction of the murder in a desperate attempt to motivate any witnesses to come forward.

Episode 3

The sole witness in DCI Tennison’s murder investigation cannot positively identify the prime suspect George Marlow and Jane’s personal life takes a back seat as she digs further into the case.

Episode 4

A lead from one of Marlow’s former cellmates might be just the breakthrough that Tennison needs, as the final pieces fall into place and the grisly truth is revealed.

Credits & general info

Starring: Helen Mirren

Writer: Lynda La Plante

Producer: Paul Marcus

Director: David Drury

2 x 120min

The Prime Suspect Collection

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