Prime Suspect 2

Prime Suspect 2

Director John Strickland builds personalities and situations into stark, sure-handed drama.’
– Variety

Helen Mirren revives her role as DCI Tennison, called in to head an investigation into the death of a young black woman, whose body is found in the back garden of a house in London. 

As she begins to investigate, she finds that she is having to deal with a whole web of issues surrounding racism and sexism within the police force, as well as tracking down a killer still on the loose.

Episode 1

When a corpse is discovered in an Afro-Caribbean neighbourhood, the controversial subject of racism in the police force rears its head. DCI Jane Tennison is called in to head a sensitive enquiry into how the corpse came to lie in its burial place.

Episode 2

While DCI Tennison and her team track down their prime suspect, David Harvey; her colleague, DCI Oswalde, pursues a young black man, whom he believes is responsible for the murder of the girl.

Episode 3

When David Harvey confesses to the murder of Joanne Fagunwa on his death bed, police enquiries are suppressed; and Jane Tennison faces problems as her personal and professional worlds collide.

Episode 4

As DCI Tennison closes in on the killer, the inquest court’s verdict of suicide on Tony Allen increases the pressure on her and her team.

Credits & general info

Starring: Helen Mirren, Colin Salmon, John Benfield, Jack Ellis, Craig Fairbrass

Director: John Strickland

Writer: Lynda La Plante, Allan Cubitt

Producer: Paul Marcus

Executive Producer: Sally Head

Total runtime = 212 min

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