Widows 1 DVD Cover

When an explosion kills three veteran criminals on the eve of a million-pound robbery, their widows inherit the plans and begin wondering whether they can pull the job off themselves. 

The women decide to give it a go, and start submitting themselves to a punishing daily practice routine. But as the big day approaches, they realise that there was a fourth man involved in the original plans and become concerned that he might want his cut of the action.

Episode 1

Three men – members of a top gang are killed accidentally as they are about to carry out a raid on a security wagon. Their widows, lead by Dolly Rawlins, decide to go it alone and carry out the gang’s future plans.

Episode 2

Two of the widows, Shirley and Linda, buy transport. Linda takes a lover who has connections with the Fishers. The police recover the bread truck. Dolly hints to Boxer that her husband Harry is still alive. The widows discuss taking on a fourth girl.

Episode 3

Boxer Davis is killed and two of the widows are questioned by Tony Fisher. Resnick tries to discover the identity of the fourth man. The girls start training for a raid on a beach under the direction of Dolly.

Episode 4

Preparation for the robbery advance. Linda informs on Carlos and he is killed during a police raid. Resnick resigns. Dolly buys the blueprint for £700,000 robbery. Harry Rawlins appears.

Episode 5

The Widows carry out the raid on the security wagon successfully. Shirley sprains her ankle. Dolly is taken in by the police. Eddie Rawlins visits Dolly’s house and finds Shirley there. Wolf is killed and Resnick starts his own investigating.

Episode 6

Dolly makes her escape from under the watchful eye of Eddie Rawlins. Resnick spots Harry Rawlins and is badly beaten up. Eddie and Bill are arrested and Harry gets away. Dolly and Shirley join Bella and Linda and they celebrate at a hotel in Rio.

Credits & general info

Starring: Ann Mitchell

Writer: Lynda La Plante

Producer: Verity Lambert

Director: Ian Toynton

6 x 60min

The Widows Collection

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